Tuesday, 3 January 2017

And a filthy New Year from Catalyst Housing Group

When Catalyst were in the process of persuading residents of Wornington Green that demolishing their estate in phases, and rebuilding with double the number of homes - the extras being private of course - they faithfully promised to keep residents safe, the estate maintained, and to decant people only once and only during the first phase.

Visiting yet another bereaved family, who lost their elder while waiting with appalling anxiety for over a year for their - 2nd? 3rd? - decant, I am faced with the estate in a frankly disgusting state.

Lifts are broken, stairs blocked up to prevent anti-social behaviour have been kicked in and occupied by drug users, fire escapes broken into, and the dirt is simply shocking.

Catalyst Housing - you are on notice. 


  1. I have to say that estate tenants are as much to blame for this mess. Rubbish thrown out of windows, ASB in stairwells including litter and urine? I've seen that time and time again, and on my estate it's almost as if a handful of tenants actually want to live in a broken down rubbish dump. In my opinion Councillors need to make it their priority to tackle these sorts of behaviour.

  2. That may be true in some estates, but not here. Catalyst have just acknowledged that blocked up stairways have been broken into by drug users from outside the estate. They will now fix the problem, and if they don't I'll be back. We work very closely with local residents, housing officers and the police to keep the estate safe and clean, but it's an uphill battle when it is being targeted.

    Where do you live? Perhaps we/your Councillors can help?


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