Friday, 14 February 2014

Wornington Green: the 'regen fail' of 'Portobello Square'

When a resident of the brand new building in Bonchurch (renamed 'Badchurch') Road, Wornington Green (marketed 'Portobello Square', at the 'cheap end' of Portobello Road, North Ken) sent me this photo of a botch repair of his bathroom, I was surprised. The comment that the reason for his loo blockage was an instruction leaflet left in a pipe was dreadful but also sort of funny.

His ceiling had also sprung a leak, which was not entirely a surprise as I knew what was on the roof, having scoped this out from nearby Trellick Tower, and seeing that it was pretty much a lake with lots of construction material and junk on it.

Frustration had also been expressed about poor workmanship in other areas of his flat, so I asked for more. However I did not expect to see this:

- bad damp and peeling paintwork due to 'missing mastic' on the outside of the window-frame. Given that the resident had moved in barely three months previously, this was frankly appalling.

The following weekend it rained again, with the following result, a plague of boils on the ceiling 'like an alien', which finally burst:

Then I was sent the following, showing a 'living wall' in his neighbour's terrace, and some scary (and dangerous to health) mould in his bathroom:

- this building has been occupied for just three months. Most revealing of all is a small but very eloquent detail of finishing: 

Now I can't pretend to be good at DIY, but I do think I could do better than this with one eye and a glue gun. And I wouldn't repair my garden shed that badly.

This of course is the social housing; is it truly built by unskilled labour, as we are told? Right next door to it is the 'market housing', which looks the same from the outside, but you can't help but wonder if it is the same appalling low quality of workmanship on the inside. Very very soon I will get into a 'market flat', and find out if the reality matches the PR on which they sold the building, off plan, to wealthy investors in Hong Kong.


'a crime scene'.

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  1. I'm very concerned - Catalyst Housing propose to "regenerate" 224 homes on the Friary Park estate in Acton W3 and replace them with approx 600/650 dwellings with several very tall towers where there aren't any at the moment. If this is a sign of things to come, the new buildings aren't going to last 2 mins. This is a nightmare. Blighting our neighbourhood with horrid high-rises, "decanting" residents for what? All in the name of money.


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