Wednesday, 7 August 2013

The Word at Wornington: Mr Wolf is coming

The ancient game of Spillikins: is anything attached to anything?

Some residents who are neighbours of the new Wornington Green are very very afraid. They fear that the Big Bad Wolf will come, and huff and puff, and blow the houses down.
Corner house, Munro Mews

What else are people saying about Wornington Green?

'I'm a builder. These buildings could be dangerous.'

'I've seen a foreman give instructions to workmen in sign language. They don't speak any English and they are unskilled labourers doing a skilled job.'

'The builders urinate all down the mews, including on people's doorsteps. It's disgusting. I wonder if they have toilets on site.' 
Wonky woodwork at Wornington Green

 'The only people happy here are the plumbers and electricians employed locally to come in and put right mistakes the builders have made. There have been countless leaks and dodgy wiring in the occupied part; it's just shoddily built.'

Whatever can they do about those window frames?
'We heard a terrible story of two young apprentices, both black, who were told to guard the paint store. The paint store didn't need guarding. One of them was racially abused in a really appalling way, with the 'n' word written all over a wall. The construction company said they fired the guy, but they didn't, he's still around.'

'The show house is simply dreadful. It's not worth £1, let along £1m.'

'The new tenants in the accessible flats like it because they are big. The new tenants in the one-beds on Wornington Road are miserable. I've seen two virtually in tears. The flats are pokey and badly laid out, with no storage. One tenants keeps her washing machine in the hall as it won't fit in her tiny kitchen.'

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