Tuesday, 30 July 2013

THE SHEET OF SHAME: Wornington Green betrayal update

Wornington Green show house, Munro Mews

Just a few days ago we saw in horror (see previous blog) images of the £1m 'show house' at Wornington Green. What did it show us? What seems to be evidence of poor workmanship and consequently what may be even worse project management at the 'exciting new urban quarter of Portobello Square', known locally as the unwanted development of Wornington Green. 

So, a visit yesterday showed us that 1, they read my blog, for which thanks, and 2, that if told to get their finger out, out their finger will get. Some of the worst examples of Ardmore/Catalyst's joint production have been hastily covered up with reconstituted stone or patched. However, there are so many faults on display at the 'show house' that they have covered it with a Sheet of Shame; see blog below for what is concealed.

But oh,  what do we have here? Yet more problems - or shall we say 'challenges to be met'? Just where is that damp getting in?

This really doesn't look good
If none of the above offends you, you are probably an architect! So try this for size. It is PRP's 'tribute to Le Corbusier' at the west end of this 'shoddy and leaking' block.

For those who aren't familiar with Corb, here is the real thing, a tiny gem of a building, literally divine. 

Le Corbusier's Ronchamp chapel

Interior of Ronchamp chapel

If that doesn't rip your guts out, you are gutless. To compare the two would be laughable if it weren't so painful.


  1. This should go national - it is funny on first reading, especially the compare and contrast of the real and "tribute" Le Corbusier. But the shoddy housing is terrible and what is happening over there should not be countenanced.

  2. Thanks Lizzie, it is shocking indeed and I'm amazed that these 'shoddy' flats have found international buyers.

    But there you go, if you pay peanuts you get .. a less carefully built project than if you'd paid the going rate.


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