Wednesday, 31 July 2013

THE POND OF DESPOND: Wornington Green betrayal no 3

£1m problem in Munro Mews
There are various kinds of damp. There is internally generated damp from condensation in poorly ventilated homes. This is common throughout the social sector and normally blamed on 'cooking spaghetti', though I have seen super-overcrowded homes right here on Wornington Green where it is caused by too many humans breathing the same air. There is damp caused by seepage from cracked pipes, which can be invidious and difficult to source. Then there is damp caused by badly designed roofs, often the omnipresent flat roof covered with fabric and tar or asphalt, surely the stupidest method ever devised to cover a flat surface, especially where they forgot to angle it slightly or where there is no access and even if there were, no knowledge of how to maintain it.

However, here is something entirely different. The £1m mews houses in Munro Mews, Wornington Green, are being hastily erected and are causing sleepless nights to those who care a fig about the future of the residents there. The damp you can see above is coming from the terrace area being constructed above it. You can see it along the whole stretch of houses in Munro Mews.

But, you might say, these aren't finished. Fair enough.

These homes along Bonchurch Road are more or less finished however, and are occupied:

Bonchurch Road flats

Wornington Road flats

Whatever is going on here? 

Well I just went up in my Trellickopter, and what did I see?

Click on this picture to enlarge, if you can't see the workmen on the roof with brooms, doing something mysterious to the lovely rooftop pool.

Oh, there isn't supposed to be a lovely rooftop pool?

And if you look closely at the solar pv panels on the Wornington Road block, you can see willow-herb gently blowing in the wind, which can have nothing whatever to do with the row of damp stains along the parapet. Not at all.

So that's all right then.

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