Monday, 25 June 2012

'Hear that?'

‘That’s the sound of your career going down the toilet.’

This very charming threat came from bully-boy Gideon Osborne way back in 2010, when a highly controversial vote was approaching and the ‘top’ Tories in the new Coalition government were worried that certain of its MPs would vote against it. Gideon called in any potentially independently-minded MPs one by one, and made the nasty threat repeated above.

Morally repugnant, moi? Gideon and friend
Happy days.

In the real world there is no poetic justice, the shit-bags get away with murder, chickens do not come home to roost and miscreants are not hoist by their own petard (whatever that is).

But sometimes, just sometimes …

It is hard to decide, after a week – or a month actually – like the one we’ve just experienced, just who is the most blindingly incompetent politician of all. Would it be Cleggy, who pathetically flexed his puny muscles in Rio with the protective Atlantic between him and eternal damnation/electoral oblivion? Would it be Camoron, closeted with his taxman, railing against single mothers with no hint of irony about his friendship with 'baby-daddy' Boris, quaffing four glasses of wine with Sunday lunch then snoozing all afternoon while SamCam looks after his children (all 1, 2, oops of them)? Would it be Osborne, would it be Gove?

So many to choose from in the continuing omnishambolic state of the government.

I asked a comrade in arms (a well-known blogger) last week, what they would like me to chalk on Gove’s pavement, given that he lives near me (it’s ok I wouldn’t really). They said – surprisingly but rather stylishly I thought given Gove's fondness for the bible – ‘The Beatitudes’.

For anyone who might wish to draw parallels with our situation in Kensington and Chelsea, a microcosm in the worst possible way of all that is unjust in the world our current government is creating, you are welcome to do so.

I would never wish to see reflected in K&C anything like the arrogance, idiocy, short-sightedness, parsimony for some and indulgence for others, selfishness and plain cruelty that characterises our government. I would never wish to … but I do.

Listening to Camoron on Radio 4 this morning you just had to think, here is someone coming to the end of their useless career; the toilet is calling, can you hear it?

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