Friday, 27 April 2012

Omnishambolic; #doubledipstick; thoughts of yesteryear

In a week going from bad to worse for the government, the PM is rudely nicknamed ‘Camoron’ in no less than the Telegraph (ok it was a forum). His totally idiotic comments about children standing up as their parents enter a room leave us unsure as to whether we have entered a time warp and have gone all wiggly only to wake up in the world of yesteryear - or if the PM’s finally lost it.

'The Day the PM forgot to tip'. Here's a tip for you, waitresses are not servants, they live on tips.

This was quickly followed by his denial that he was ‘lazy’, stating instead that he could be a good PM, husband and father, with some rather yucky comments about date nights that we really could have done without. All pretty weak as an attempt to distract from the business of alleged dodgy or corrupt practice and ‘understandings’ with the Murdoch empire.

On a similar theme I decided to try out a neologism for Gideon Osborne in the light of his recent impact on the economy; I even got a hashtag going on twitter thus - #doubledipstick. Very funny and gave me hours of fun though I don’t think anyone used it. However I googled it and it seems it’s an actual term for a rather weird sexual practice that in all my years I had never heard of. Oops. Don’t look it up, better to live in ignorance. No, really.

In our own little world in K&C there is equal consternation and concern about the upcoming election. What if Ken won? What if Todd won? Just how insufferable would the Labour Group be? (I know the answer to that.)

At some point the majority party will work out that we do not live in The World of Yesteryear. When we walk into the Town Hall we do not go all wiggly only to wake up in a Disneyfied version of the past, however comfortable they feel with archaic practices, olde worlde clothes and terms of address, feudal attitudes, and deference from officers who generally are far more knowledgeable and better qualified than many Cllrs.

Remember the lesson of The Servant.


... and remember the second lesson for the day, 'No negative self-talk'

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  1. double dipsticking (I looked it up despite your advice) sounds like just the sort of thing they would get up to at Eton!


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