Monday, 12 December 2011

Eton Rude Boyz

Who parped? Cameraman creates a stink in Brussels

In the same week that Cameraman omitted the courtesy of telling (let alone discussing) his Euro summit plan with his Deputy PM, K&C Tory Councillors were also forgetting their manners, with one senior Tory publicly calling an esteemed Labour counterpart a ‘f***ing c***’.

Aha! Pressure’s rising then.

If Cameraman and Clegg went head to head on Mastermind, I have no doubt that Clegg would win. He has the intelligence to be genuinely worried whenever things go badly. For Cameron, it took an all-night summit with European leaders far above his intellect who ran rings round him to cause the mask to slip; he now looks plain stupid. Frankly it is a bizarre turn of events that makes the duplicitous LibDems look good next to the Tories.

Our Council, like the current Government, is run by Eton Rude Boyz or wannabe Eton Rude Boyz. They have been born to rule and dominate. They will charm and seduce and speechify, but their real character soon emerges if things don’t go their way (see previous blog about Alexander de Pfeffel). Many of them simply aren’t very bright so cover this up by repeating the same old twaddle that an officer has written out for them in big writing, and if that doesn’t work they descend to sneering and hurling insults.

Our Kensington Rude Boyz are, it is clear, in disarray. We know some of the reason for this, and can guess at the rest. It will come out or be leaked to us eventually, that’s for sure.

Meanwhile our Labour Opposition is stronger and more purposeful every day. Given that we may have a General Election sooner rather than later, we are in a very positive place and up for the fight – locally as well as nationally.

Indeed, a recent poll on local election voting intentions on another local website, From the Hornet's Nest, put the Labour party at 59% of the vote, with the Tories at a miserable 15%. Says it all really!

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