Friday, 18 November 2011


I don’t say this lightly, but it is increasingly obvious that in the ‘Royal’ Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, Class War has well and truly been declared.

Council policy, from every angle, seems to be moving relentlessly towards the effective forced migration of anybody who may be, long or short term, on Job Seekers Allowance, Housing Benefit, Disability Benefit, even Pension Credit. Unemployment is rising in the borough, the worst affected being 18 to 24yr olds who should be looking forward to a rewarding lifetime of work, and those 50+ who may never ever get another job. Even our Council tenants, victims of a vicious rent rise – the highest in the country, likely to be followed by another equally vicious next year – are struggling, with rent arrears up by £.25m in one month. Among those worse affected are the third of Council tenants who are low income workers, dependent on low rents for basic survival while their pay is frozen and the cost of living rockets.

So what is the Council doing to help our hard-working, hard pressed families? The Regeneration Working Group of the Cabinet hasn’t met for three years but instead the £1m/yr Press Office write press releases and Leader’s speeches pronouncing the most heart-warming cuddly-wuddly ‘aspirations’ for residents that, in the context of what is happening around the borough, are deluded and hypocritical, to put it politely.

And when faced with ‘difficult’ facts and ‘unfortunate’ case studies, a crocodile tear may be squeezed out to trickle down a hardset cheek.

This week alone has seen the approval of a plan that will shortly see some 2,600+ households currently in private rented homes thrown out of the borough with a ‘golden handshake’ of two months’ rent deposit that some call the ‘FOF’ policy (f**k off forever) as they will have to sever all ties and rights to return if they accept it. This means that, following a well-resourced Census on which our government grants are based, we could lose cc6,000 residents within 18 months. And that’s just for starters.

Anyone showing a drop of humanity or concern or remorse, from whatever political group, has the Council’s hellhounds set on them.

One of our Cabinet Members is a director of: Read it and weep. Essentially, we must all live like country gents if we are to reach nirvana. Likewise in Prince Charles’ toytown Poundbury residents shop in a Waitrose (pictured above) in the style of a neoclassical authoritarian regime public building.

It’s obvious. The road to equality is make everyone a Prince, living in a palace. Bags I not be the servant.
Pictured above, Community picnic at Wornington Green, 2015.

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