Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Tory Teflon wears thin: Crossrail logo no-go: Homeless at Wornington Green

Speaking of ‘greed and thuggery’ – the unhuggable aspect of youth culture, according to Cameraman – we see the Prime Mincer’s career unravelling as he realises he is losing his party’s backing. They have finally noticed that he is more comfortable on the world stage, where his meaningless platitudes are quite at home, than dealing with painful and complex issues at home, where his constant policy u-turns reveal his weakness and insincerity. The Coulson case could be his Waterloo as he has no-one to blame for this particular monumental cock-up and his Teflon is wearing thin.

You see, he’s not the Messiah, he’s a very naughty boy.

Meanwhile, more sacred cows are being slaughtered as it becomes painfully obvious that Crossrail is having a major rethink about the western section, ie, everything west of Paddington. We have known for some time that this was under threat, and no amount of cash spent on consultants will put this back on track (it’s still the hols and I will mix metaphors if I wish). Crossrail and RfL are now agonising about their logo, which kinda depended on rails actually crossing in London:

Nb K&C Council, stop throwing (our) good money after bad on expensive consultants. Game over.

The petty minded staff at Wornington Green were unhappy about the rather graphic photo of emptiness on the abandoned demolition site that was widely published in the press.

So – guess what? They blocked up the peephole in the hoarding.

Never mind, there are still spectacularly depressing photos to be taken from Faraday House and from Trellick Tower, that tell the sad tale. And while they are continuing to try to mess with our minds rather than get on with the actual job in hand, overcrowding is so prevalent on the estate that some families will be made homeless. This is a shocking state of affairs and will pile further shame on the shambolic KHT/Catalyst ‘Catastrophe by Design’ disaster.

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