Monday, 18 July 2011

Tick- tock x 2: Wornington Green and the Prime Mincer in the proverbial

Strange stories are emanating from Wornington Green about how and why the construction company has left the site. Some sources who were ‘helpful’ two weeks ago have now clamped shut. Others who were previously silent are opening up. Nb, I moderate all comments so you can send confidential information if you wish ‘not for publication’, there is no way of tracing emails.

We’ve had the official statement which is as transparent as brick; in the absence of fact, rumours and questions abound:
- Just how much is it going to cost to find a new contractor, and who will foot the bill for this cock-up not of the residents making?
- Will the result of the consultants' findings help bring in the construction crew who are allegedly personal friends of one of the decision-makers?
- What is the real story behind the contractors leaving? No one believes the official version, instead there are at least three other versions and all far more convincing.
- How did the new ITAs get chosen without any input whatever from ‘representative’ tenant representatives?
- Why is an alleged non-tenant representing tenants?
- Given that the heavily-consulted-upon Residents’ Charter has shamefully STILL not been agreed, will this now be quietly shelved?
- Whatever happened to those unlikely Pledges?
- and so the list goes on …

Meanwhile, as residents are waking up to the fact that they aren’t going to be rehoused any time soon, some who were promised, nay guaranteed, homes to meet their needs are getting desperate and angry. One has just found out that the home they were promised in the first phase doesn’t even exist and never did, so someone has been telling porkies/was badly informed.

This isn’t just a nuisance, as some KHT/Catalyst officers seem to think. If you are forced to pack your children like sardines on the floor to sleep, there will be repercussions on their health and well-being. We are watching and we will not stand by and let incompetence threaten the life and health prospects of our residents.


Coo-ee, we can see you!

Elsewhere in another arena of incompetence, lies, spin and self-interest, the Prime Mincer is looking and feeling ever more vulnerable. You can tell because he always darkens his hair to Elvis Black when he wants to appear more manly and determined. Sorry Cameraman, you can swish your sword and curl your moustache as much as you want, the crocodile has had a taste of you and is on his way back for the rest. Tick-tock. Whatever have the press got on you? Well, we know some of it and that’s bad enough.

If the Prime Mincer is Captain Hook, Murdoch is the crocodile, Clegg perhaps Smee? Ed Mili of course is Peter Pan, at the end of the story when he regains his powers.

At least let’s hope so.

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