Monday, 11 July 2011

The Prime Mincer's friends

A picture-led story for you this week, you can join the dots yourself. Given the very low esteem the Prime Mincer's colleagues hold him in, what will be happening over the next couple of weeks is entirely predictable. He is not bright, he is not astute, he is not intelligent, for all these reasons and more he is regarded as easy prey for those who surround him with unmitigated approval and boost his self-love. He is a weak man, easy prey for vultures in politics, PR and the press. So, do not listen to his carefully chosen and indecisive words, heed Euripides, note who his friends are.

A match made in heaven

'Great' minds think alike

'Son of Thatcher' but with less heart

Watch out for BoJo, he's after your job

Oh, did he let you down? Who'da thought?

A fine filly

Stick with who you know, they won't let you down.

But watch it Dave, you are utterly expendable, as you may find out if you keep selling out those closest to you.

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