Monday, 23 May 2011

Posturing Politicians

We are told that Dave Cameraman and his old school buddy Alexander de Pfeffel (Boarish Johnson’s actual name) have agreed to pretend to disagree on a few trifling matters to help Bojo get re-elected next year. Apparently this will make Bojo more credible; at least, that’s what an alleged £250k of spin-doctoring has come up with. There will be more, oh, so much more to annoy in the next 12 months from the Mayoral campaign. Keep your cool and remember:

'The man who persuades you to lend him money or goods and then keeps them is without a doubt a rogue; but much the greatest rogue of all is the man who has gulled his city into the belief that he is fit to direct it.' Socrates

Meanwhile in our own sunny K&C, candidates for the by-elections and their supporters have set up a petition to demand a Referendum for a Directly Elected Mayor. This is because of constant and widespread vexation with the role of Mayor in the borough which – notable exceptions aside (such as the one just past) – is handed out by rota to the most obsequious among the ruling elite in this feudal system. The petition’s paper copy is going the rounds, but you can also sign online (anonymously if you must). Link not working so cut and paste:

At the same time there are various posturing exercises and poker games under way using your money:

1. The supersewer. This is a major infrastructural project agreed by government and funded by Thames Water to relieve storm drains during downpours so that actual poo doesn't get into the river. The people of Lots Road and nearby can smell why it is needed. However our Council is hopping from one foot to the other trying to decide whether or not to support it, and whether or not the construction route would be through Cremorne Gardens (a highly unpopular choice) or through the Council’s own recycling site (a valuable piece of real estate), while implying that it is something to do with funding Counter’s Creek, which it is NOT; it is different money. This results in some spectacularly ambivalent language from our alleged leaders; Sir Humphrey Appleby would be proud.
2. Holland Park School. We thought they had sold off the south playground to pay for the rebuild, cost now tripled to £100m. If only it were that simple. The developer has put a deposit on the site and will pay the remainder and any overage at various stages. BUT. They are now quibbling over the planning permission. Meanwhile you and I have underwritten the £100m cost. Poker face slipping a bit yet?
3. North Ken Academy. Hard to judge what is going here as actual information is hard to come by. The sponsor of this already compromised scheme is unlikely to come up with the additional readies to make it the school many of us need and desire for North Ken resident. The Council won’t commit more funds but wish to shove yet more ‘facilities’ on this already overcrowded site. We may end up with something altogether inadequate and planned to fail due to lack of space and sufficient funds, while our lovely Victorian Isaac Newton School and North Ken Library buildings are sold off to create luxury homes and yet more private schools.
4. Kensal Crossrail. We can see the fear in your eyes!

As a general rule when gambling vast sums of money, poker players need real talent and the knowledge that the odds are stacked in their favour. If only that were true.

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