Monday, 16 May 2011

Air we breathe price hike shocker; Key Platitudes competition results

Fast on the tail of announcements about increased gas and electricity prices, the government has announced steep increases for the air we breathe. The Prime Mincer said: ‘Wholesale prices are about to sky-rocket as stocks of good quality air we breathe come under pressure. In anticipation of these rises we are working hard to apply them before the end of the year; this will create the smoothing effect on outgoings that the people of this great country rely upon to plan their budgets.’

Last weekend saw an amazing 400 very very important and sincere people on a PRO-Cuts Rally to Westminster, including leading lights of the movement such as Toby Young. In fact it was just Toby Young and his Facebook 'friends’. This contrasts curiously with 400,000 people from all corners of the country at the TUC ANTI-Cuts Rally in March. Food for thought Toby - or are you practising your political face?

We have the results here of our fantastic Easter competition to identify Four Key Platitudes for the government to regurgitate – sorry reiterate. The winners have chosen to remain anonymous as some are quotes from colleagues, but they will get their prize, which is a surprise!

Four Key Platitudes Competition 2011 - and the winners are:

1, ‘We are at the cutting edge of the future of what is coming’ [senior K&C Cabinet Member 'Mrs Malaprop' at Cabinet Meeting]

2, ‘What I am excited about is that we are getting a better quality of conversation’
[senior civil servant in K&C]

3, ‘We have an institution – a precious idea – that says we are in this together, looking out for each other’
[A classic from the PM, can be used for any occasion]

4, ‘This is a listening exercise’ (oh, not the real thing then?)
[Another multi-purpose classic.]

You may have seen in the press lots of ads for the Cancer Research UK Run for Life. They are advertising this because they are very low on participants this year, and sponsorship contributes millions every year. So please sponsor me and my daughter Connie this year – and if you have already, very many thanks. Sorry links not working you will have to copy and paste:

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