Monday, 4 April 2011

In-breeding, April Fools and the Opinion of Dinosaurs

Willetts: so wrong on so many levels

One of the dangers of humans breeding within close-knit social and genetic circles is that recessive genes recur more regularly and this produces a weak gene pool resulting in more frequent cases of idiocy. This has become especially apparent recently when certain sections of society are given authority beyond their capabilities and end up talking complete and utter rubbish.

'Damn those women graduates taking my job'

Thus David Willetts, our UNIVERSITY MINISTER no less, has stated that ‘opening up’ education to women and other undesirables has led to well-educated women stealing jobs from lesser educated men. He concludes: ‘women who would otherwise have been HOUSEWIVES have taken .. jobs [from] working class men’. Not only that but the deluded creatures apparently seek out those of similar minds leading to ‘assortative mating’(god forbid that any of those with similar minds might be ‘working class men’ whatever that means nowadays).

The depth and breadth of his ignorance is so gobsmackingly awful that I am lost for words. What am I to tell my intelligent and assertive daughters if they wish to be the 10th and 11th family members to study at UCL, and to become the 4th and 5th Professors? ‘Sorry darling you must be content to be a WAG, find a man rich enough to keep you and your children in comfort and learn to iron socks’? I did run this past my youngest and she retorted with a choice selection of Chaucerian expletives that was impressive and in the circumstances totally acceptable.

Like thousands of mothers I have brought up my children pretty much alone. They are hard-working, honest and lovely human beings cooking my Mother’s Day dinner as I write. The blind ignorance and stupidity of David Willetts and of many currently running our country DOWN is clear for all to see and an insult to me and my children.

This reminds me of an episode at K&C Council when I was asked to promote the role of Councillor. I said I was willing but would have to state how difficult I'd found it as a single parent, that without my son home on gap year I would never have got through the election, that the childcare allowance and arrangement at K&C had NEVER been tested (ie used) and that I had been advised (with kind intent) never to mention childcare problems in public. The outraged comments from fellow Cllrs, both positive and negative, to my ‘coming out’ as a struggling single parent was mind-boggling. I had support from some very unexpected quarters, while Leader Cockell countered negative comments thus: ‘The opinions of dinosaurs are not necessarily those of the Council’.

Catholic journalist Cristina Odone agrees with Willetts: ‘feminists – or at least THE KIND THAT HAVE GAINED THE UPPER HAND IN THIS VARIED MOVEMENT [my caps] – have undermined working class men...’. This same woman stated a while back that the modern family should be modelled on ‘the ideal family .. long ago, that in a stable in Bethlehem blablabla’. She is one confused woman. Mary was a very young unmarried pregnant teenager whose child of questionable parentage was born in a shed with no medical assistance and brought up by step-father Joseph. An inauspicious start in life, but they made a reasonable job of it.

April Fools Day was a great laugh this year. At this rate the government’s upcoming social mobility plans will be pretty well side-splitting.


  1. Interesting to hear that Cockell and some interesting others were supportive. The whole state of affairs is so depressing, in one year we seem to have degraded ourselves into the worst rather than the best of Victorian attitudes. Punishing the poor and disabled, tricking the unemployed

    (DWP operatives have never been the most pleasant of people but this has led to a number of resignations where some higher principals have been discovered)

    Demolishing social housing under the aegis of 'regeneration' which then fails, creating policy to shift the poor far away from the rich into areas of low employment . . . I give it a year before we see the equivalent of the workhouse, a place where vulnerable families and individuals are housed and 'trained'.

    I'll put a fiver on it!

  2. Well the workhouse won't be within the borough, 'out of sight out of mind'.

    The sad thing is that some of the old-school Tories on the Council are afraid to speak out. One of those who supported me - who I had never even spoken to - stated that without a wife tolerant of his evening absences and willing to put their children to bed year on year he would never have been able to be a Cllr. But he asked me not to reveal his name.

    Even worse is some of the newer 'career Cllrs' full of zeal and self-righteousness; some are downright scary.


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