Friday, 11 March 2011

Tory Cliche Bingo

If you ever attended Council meetings and wondered how we keep awake on the Labour benches while the Tories drone away, well, I'm giving away our secret. Some clever wag, bored of the same trite old phrases coming out of the Tories' mouths (are they brainwashed or do they learn the script by heart?) had the very cheeky idea of playing 'Tory Cliche Bingo'. In short it is a word game and if you get three in a line or a row you get to heckle or groan.

The Council meeting on 2 March was a four-hour marathon of interrupting, bad-mouthing, mewing from the back bench, and some quite shocking name-calling. Usually the Tories check the press gallery to see if there's anyone left before they start the verbal abuse against us, but no, this time around 100 members of the public heard it and were shocked at their bad behaviour. Anyway, rather than give the game away entirely, I have made a pretty word cloud for you.

Aside from all that - as one Tory accidentally revealed in a loud whisper - the Labour Group totally outclassed the Tories who were left with nothing whatever to comment. I don't often have cause to thank our opposite numbers, but thanks for the appreciation chaps.

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