Monday, 28 March 2011

LOST: Beloved pet, goes by the name of The Big Society. £100m for safe return.

We can't be sure of course if this is what Cameraman had in mind when his PR's PR man told him to expound his theory of the Big Society (whatever that may mean). One thing for sure, I can't imagine they thought that middle Britain, or 'alarm clock Britain' as Cleggaron calls it, would wake up and smell ... revolution.

Our Mabel with new red banner; our Keef; our patron Saint Harriet.

The placards last Saturday said: 'This IS the Big Society; and it's ANGRY', and the crowds of 250,000, or 500,000 (depending on which Guardian commentator you wish to follow) were chanting: 'Mr Cameron can't you see? WE'RE the Big Society'. And so they are. And they currently represent 52% of the population, so not exactly an articulate minority any more, eh Dave?

While Cameraman was cowering behind the family in Chequers, his minions were informing the Arts and Humanities Research Council that they would only get their annual £100m funding this year if they direct research into the Big Society (whatever the fff it is), implying in no uncertain terms that they would happily pay the entire £100m to find out what the fff it is and be happy to see any other research disappear into the ether for eternity for the purpose; no political motives there, heavens no.

As Vince Cable states that he is willing to 'listen' but will not change his mind about anything (not exactly the spirit of consultation matey), and Cameraman is so desperate for new businesses to start up that he is actually SUGGESTING THAT PEOPLE LUCKY ENOUGH TO HAVE JOBS SHOULD QUIT THEM for a measly £1,500 IT training, evidently the whole world has gone mad and they will soon be taking me away in a white coat.

Either that, or this is 'alarm clock Britain's' call to arms, and this is just the end of the beginning.

Someone please, tell me I'm not the one who's crazy here.
Ooooh dear, is Dave considering doing a Reggie?


  1. Never mind giving the giving Arts and Humanities Research Council their annual £100m funding dependant on research into the Big Society, I’ll do it for a £5...[thinks]...Okay, I have worked out what "the Big Society" is: You invade a load of middle East countries, annex them and voila! You have created a rather Big Society. I prefer cash, no cheques please Dave.

  2. Utter genius, and along the way you have created a whole new market for our arms manufacturers, who are also the Tories' most enthusiastic sponsors. Neat.

  3. Robert Fisk on the cost of war

    The most shocking and considered article I've read in a long time from somebody who knows what he's talking about. Click the Robert Fisk link above.


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