Monday, 21 March 2011

Cuts or Savings? Take your pick and shut the door behind you.

Cameraman is revelling in his new warrior king role, sending submarines and fighter jets to blow up ill-equipped 17-year-old Libyan conscripts. Ever noticed how he talks war with great relish as if it's a delicious meal? All he needs now is a photo op in his fave black shirt, sleeves up and open-necked. Oh, he's done that. Any manly uniforms available?

Meanwhile Gideon's Budget will be a bit of a downer, given that he found £18bn down the back of the nation's metaphorical sofa that will undermine his steely nerves for his cutting spree.

Not to be outdone, however, Gideon has got the best choice of wardrobe and is just wondering which will work better for the photos with his battered red packed lunch box.

So, while the poor and vulnerable and struggling and the squeezed middle suffer, Dave and Gideon play dressing up games. It will end in tears; we can only hope it's theirs.

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