Sunday, 6 February 2011

Why Westfield scares me

Family joke: Mum won't go to Westfield. I've been 'resisting' (refusing actually) since the moment I knew it was horribly real. My children think it's really really funny and they try to tempt me in with tales of fabulous bargains to be had (can't be as good as Kensington charity shops), massive cinema screens (I prefer West 12), quite spectacular architecture (yeah right), lovely Mexican food (I have been, but it doesn't count as it's outside thank you very much) and anything else they think I might fall for. It's now become a badge of honour: I HAVE NEVER BEEN TO WESTFIELD. Maybe I'll put that on a t-shirt.

I could give you a very long list, but here is a shortish one: the whole idea of massive 'out of town' shopping centres but actually in town is bonkers and an anachronism; it sits like a fortress next to a motorway, not 21st century town planning at all; it is pug ugly; I can't afford even to think about buying full price fashion crap; I look at it and can almost hear the screams of people opening their credit card bills; it promotes greed; it promotes envy; it promotes indebtedness; all this within an area of poverty; K&C were promised jobs but it generally doesn't employ local people except as cleaners and security staff; it is pauverising West 12 shopping centre over the road.

Most of all, however, it looks like a scene from that brilliant 70s metaphorical movie, Logan's Run.

Plus, it was a massive gamble just at the beginning of the 'made in the USA' world recession, and could dwindle, losing money, draining local businesses, giving nothing back to the local community apart from traffic blocks and pollution, more or less forever.

Come on now, join the dots!


  1. For a very long time I resisted visiting the Westfield development, I too wore the ‘badge of honour’ in not taking any interest in the place. One day however I finally relented on the account of my wife offering lunch if I would accompany her. When I did visit I was horrified, what a soulless crass and commercialised hellhole! Perhaps I am just being snobbish railing against the designer wearing ‘monied proles’. I notice that the young middle/upper classes in their blinged up accessories, whose patrons saints are the likes of Tinah Temper, Cheryl Cole are wannabe Nu Prole protégés. Even Prince Harry and William can be classed as Wannabe Nu Proles
    Perhaps my idea of shopping in ‘real’ local markets such as Dalston or Sheppard’s bush market is just inverse snobbery.

  2. That may all be true. More than anything, I don't like going to places that make me feel poor.

    Emma DC

  3. I have been to Westfield once, its no good for 'normal' people, it only sells clothes and cooked food, it is a monstrosity!!

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