Saturday, 19 February 2011

There is only one deficit in Kensington and Chelsea

- the democratic deficit.

Those who rule in the majority party in Kensington and Chelsea Council seem to forget which century we live in and who they are elected to represent. If they wish to create an appearance of democracy and of transparency but in fact do exactly what they wish, there are countries where sadly this is still possible. While they are colluding with our disastrous government in hounding poorer residents out of the borough to create 'mixed communities' of the poor and the very poor in east London, and joyfully creating 'mixed communities' of the rich and the super-rich in the borough, they are acting in an increasingly high-handed way within the Council, bending rules and juggling responsibilities so they can ignore dissent with impunity.

Two quite shocking cases emerged this week where the Tories did not even pretend to go along with bogus consultation they so like to vaunt to the press. As both cases are still ongoing they are 'sub judice' as it were, so we will report these publicly when we have an outcome.

Suffice it to say that when the Council Leader states: 'Council business belongs out in the open, where residents can keep a close eye' these are words unsupported by intention.

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