Sunday, 27 February 2011

Pets and their owners

Well I'm certainly not going to give anything away just days from our alternative Budget, so a slight diversion from the usual themes.

So do people choose pets that look like them, because of deeply entrenched and subliminal normative standards, or do pets grow to look like their owners?

Some people would say that any living thing would take on the characteristics of others around them; witness the upright walking gorillas in Port Lympne zoo(now that reminds me of someone). And yet this is not always the case.

What kind of creature, as soon as it arrives in post, will sit about, pose with a variety of expressions in various photogenic locations, lick enough cream to get a little porky, and generally be there and look as if they are doing the job they are appointed for, but not actually do it? Enough of David Cameraman, what of his cat?

Larry has given this blog an exclusive comment from his comfortable Thatcher-blue cushion: 'I'm not that stupid. The rats gave me a job, and their presence is actually keeping me in a job. Geddit?'

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