Thursday, 17 February 2011

New Tory logo competition

'My policies just went pfff!'

I said it last August, and Ed Mili said it yesterday: time for a new logo for the Tory party. The big forest fire sale (hahaha) has been cancelled or postponed, so it is certainly a good time to fell the tree symbol which is just an embarrassment now to the self-styled 'greenest government ever'. Cue eye-rolling.

Yes we are in terrible times, the K&C Labour Group are writing our alternative Budget to try to temper some of the outrages about to be visited upon our poor residents in rich Kensington and Chelsea, but sometimes, just sometimes, you need a break. So this is your chance to Tweet, post or Facebook your brilliant ideas for a brand new Tory logo that 'says it all'.

We can't use:

This is frankly tasteless:

This is just sad:

Of course, it doesn't have to be a tree, but you could save Cameraman a small fortune by coming up with something appropriate before he is forced to 'relaunch' his BS party.

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