Sunday, 19 December 2010

Yet another fine mess from the former KHT

In a week that has seen the last resident moved out of Munro Mews before demoliton, landlord/developer Kensington Housing Trust have once again surpassed themselves.

Having refused for over a year to accept responsibility for a homeless family, after much persistence by myself and the family, KHT moved them into a temporary flat just in time for Christmas ... but without heating or hot water.

Yet more tales of unfairness and inconsistency as some decantees state they have had standard new kitchens fitted for no charge, some have been bit charged 'a bit' for a style of finish they actually wanted, some have been charged full whack for particular finishes, and others have had precisely what they wanted at no charge whatever. Message to residents in Phase 1b - it's worth making a nuisance of yourself!

For their final trick of the year (but there's a full ten days to go) KHT wrote to all residents stating that because of yet another b**ls-up the planning application may have to be withdrawn and resubmitted with Condition 42 removed, but they don't have time to meet this condition. IF we have this right, Condition 42 requires KHT to submit full design details of how they intend to attain Sustainability Code Level 3 in the first phase.

For the record, ladles and jellyspoons, as you can see in this table, they should be meeting Level 4 minimum in the first phase, and Level 6 by the end of the whole development. They have been allowed to build the first bit of the first phase to Level 3 because the combined heating and power system will not be operational till later. Now they are saying they 'don't have time' to go through the design stage of even meeting Level 3!

The danger is that, if - and it's a likely 'IF' to those who have watched KHT crumble in direct proportion to the amount they spend on PR - the buildings when finished do NOT meet Level 3, they would not be allowed to hand them over for occupation. And frankly, given the number of abandoned and empty developments already in the neighbourhood, this is the very last thing we need. A demotivated workforce, senior staff on the way out, a merger with a parent company, none of this looks good for the future of the 'exciting new urban quarter' of Portobello Bottom.


  1. You are quite the sad old cow

  2. Bless you anonymous of 23.12.10, yes indeed I am sad, a bit old and occasionally a cow when necessary. The actions of this quite incompetent 'team' at KHT have made me thus. Thank you for your concern.

  3. Emma, you're a brilliant, educated councillor who stands up to ignorant, power-abusing louts. And who doesn't feel the need to hide behind anonymous insults. Some clever jiggery pokery can discover who 'anonymous' might be - care to put bets on whether or not they belong to KHT?!

    Have a great new year

  4. perhaps the would like to explain WHY(if they have thought about it at all) they think EDC is a sad old cow? and it's a funny turn of phrase isn't it,anarchy whilst a bit drunk? or, sort of literary pretensions,trying to be post modern ,bit Jane Austin/Mike Leigh.No,probably just the straight forward Telegraph school of thuggery! We are now supposed to be afraid,very afraid? are we boys? Well bring it on,bring it right on.

  5. DM - thank you for your comment, I have heard worse and it will get worse, especially when it goes t**s up and they are looking for someone to blame.

  6. Hey, I am checking this blog using the phone and this appears to be kind of odd. Thought you'd wish to know. This is a great write-up nevertheless, did not mess that up.

    - David


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