Sunday, 12 December 2010

Great Granny Maunders: symbol of Wornington Green

More porkies from Kensington Housing Trust as they told the local papers that great-granny Mrs M, left, had been spared Court as she had agreed to sign a Consent Order agreeing to move on 15 December. This is simply not true; the Consent Order means that if she doesn't move that day - the only reason for that being that KHT haven't finished her flat - they can get the bailiffs in straight away to evict her. Wonderful how people twist the truth, isn't it?

Meanwhile, to the utter frustration of all residents on Wornington Green, not only those being shunted about, stories are emerging about what kind of homes will really be available for them once each phase of the development is done. People who have been promised they would decant back into the first phase are now being told 'Maybe'. People being told they would have two bedrooms are now being told 'or perhaps one'. As staff posts are being slashed left, right and centre, rumours state the misManaging Director is being ousted next year and will take up a career as a Tory politician, while the maintenance manager and his entire team have been put on 'indefinite leave' among reports of alleged fraud and receiving backhanders. Residents have been telling me this for YEARS; I reported it but the MD did not believe me.

And what's it all for? 'An exciting new urban quarter' the PR says. Residents calls it 'Portobello Bottom', about as drab and dull as a wet February afternoon, with some notable failures such as the new shops on the 'bello and flats above; just peculiar. Hardly the 'conservation area of the future' that was aspired to. It is unbelievably mediocre, hardly fitting for the first major estate development in K&C, especially right on one of our greatest tourist attractions. Is it worth destroying a community for this?

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