Wednesday, 29 December 2010

The Bad

Families ripped out of their homes. KHT says they are 'happy' with their new homes; they aren't.

A symbol of the terrible goings-on at Wornington Green, Mrs M and her great-grandchildren. They took her to Court and would have evicted her if she hadn't moved out by 15 Dec; she hadn't moved because her flat wasn't ready. Then KHT denied it all in the press. Another dark day.

KHT engage new tactics to get residents on side - by breaking into then locking them out of their own Residents' Room and refusing to give them the new key.

Sometimes Tory Councillors say what they mean by mistake. This was a classic by a son and heir of the 'sucessor generation', stigmatising a respectable family neighbourhood to justify its demolition.

Finally the message got through that what we had predicted in February would come to pass. The Standard published an article, and it was on ITN News.

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