Wednesday, 29 December 2010

and The Ugly

The 'former' CEO of Kensington Housing Trust signs away his soul.

The PM has a magic mirror.

'The greenest government ever', yeah right.

Will the Council stop at nothing to save cash?

KHT staff - and former staff - tell it like it is.


  1. Graffiti is adding to the ugliness. All those family homes standing empty while there are homeless families and families needing more bedrooms, are now being systematically vandalised. This community hasn't seen graffiti and vandalism like this for over a decade, but KHT and ToryBoys will use it to call Wornington Green a ghetto, blissfully ignoring the fact that they're responsible for it.

  2. Indeed Clare, they are the vandals here.They vandalised the community and now are vandalising family homes that have nothing whatever wrong with them - all in the pursuit of profit.

  3. Do you know, Emma, I'm not sure that it's the pursuit of profit that's the real issue here. I wonder if it's a sort of immature cultural grump that demands to be right in the face of all evidence. RBKC have sent KHT back with a flea in their ear for messing about *yet again* with the planning (because they offered more than they could provide, a constant with KHT)and it reminds me of a teenager who absolutely digs their heels in about Being Right. Which is why we generally don't allow children much authority. As it is, we have 15 sound family homes with gardens that have stood empty for about 9 months and have now been vandalised, 15 families removed from their homes (astonishing how KHT *can* transfer entire families when they need the room, but not when over crowded families do) a park that's showing wear from the changed footpaths due to barriers going up, and absolutely no building work of any description even begun. It's shameful, and it would be amusing if vulnerable peoples lives weren't being affected.


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