Sunday, 28 November 2010

Happiness is a 9H bus

David Cameraman cheerily announces it will be worth every penny of £2m to find out just how happy we are as a nation, while K&C Top Tories believe the answer to happiness is a Routemaster bus. However much did that cost? There can never have been a week when the great divide between the 'rich but utterly thick' and the rest of the population was underlined so dramatically.

The bright-eyed passionate students interviewed on tv showed miles more intelligence and integrity (not counting the few intent on criminal damage)than this yellow Tory, outed as the worst kind of liar and now cheerfully willing to be used as the government's human shield for their worst atrocities.

Cameron said during the election 'Time for a change'. Well, be careful what you wish for, I say.


  1. Please remember what Larry Elliot said at the Houses of Parliament on 21st October in a Soundings meeting, that "he didn’t think the coalition would survive without a split and despite all the worries about the effects of the cuts he said he didn’t think they had anything like the support the coalition was claiming and that the most difficult period would be the first half of next year".

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