Wednesday, 20 October 2010

We have been ripened for self-sacrifice

It has to be said that the BigCon/FibDems have been studying the masters when honing their PR assault leading to the devastating cuts they are visiting upon the electorate. Over the months we have been ripened for self-sacrifice by feelings of guilt over supposedly profligate spending, and are now being asked to take part in a potentially humiliating public act of faith - just like their Human Shields, the former LibDems.

Eric Hoffer in his book The True Believer says that the prerequisites of mass movements are frustration and a feeling of helplessness, and that offering 'the prospect of spectacular change can be attractive, and the most powerful factor is that of hope ... All mass movements deprecate the present by depicting it as a mean preliminary to a glorious future .. an ignoble episode preceding the final triumph'.

The Auto de Fe depicted by Goya above is a public humiliation and demonstration of faith that was part of the Spanish Inquisition. The accused are stripped of their individuality and vanities and make public statements of commitment and faith. It might not stop them being tortured to death though.

In any event we must hold true and not believe that just because it hurts now, it will get better later. The BigCon/FibDems are messing with our minds; they want us to forget it was the bankers who did for the world economy. If we don't fight back with honesty and integrity, plus a little cunning, they will make fools of us all.


  1. Surely the silver lining in the cloud is that nobody but nobody will have the money to redevelop Wornington Green, but sadly neither will they have the money to refurbish it either.

  2. Wornington Green residents are still being moved out, the park is being prepared for the destruction of mature trees and a massive reduction in size.

    As for the refurb, who knows? Some homes - off Wornington - have been done. I've just been told I'll have to wait a full 7 days for a flushing toilet. If that's acceptible then I suppose anything is.

  3. Actually, now it won't be until the 24th November.


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