Sunday, 2 May 2010

Third Category - Worst Imaginable North Ken Landlord awards: Environment

First prize
A blast from the past from KHT on a Wornington Green staircase; they continue their love affair with pigeons at The Boathouse Centre next to Sainsburys, which is generously bespattered with pigeon guano, quite disgusting and a health hazard.

Second prize
A typical basement entrance from NHHG, dank, mouldy, filled with rubbish. People live there.

Third prize
Westway Development Trust never fail to surprise with their weekly displays of visitor rubbish on Portobello Green: 'some people don't know how to use bins' is their defence!

Fourth prize
A favourite for some years now - how much more battering will this 'security' door take before it falls apart? A spectacular entry from KHT.


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