Sunday, 2 May 2010

Second Category: Worst Imaginable North Ken Landlord Awards: 'The Worst of the Worst

This image says it all - doesn't it? The owner of this car has got so accustomed to have pigeons poop on it that he has been forced to create a pigeon-poop-cover. Residents asked over and again to have the area treated, to no avail. A quite exceptional entry by KHT.

This is what these awards are all about - a paladin battered to oblivion, overflowing with rubbish. Can be seen on just about any forecourt of any social landlord. Repulsive, unhygienic and unnecessary. Another top prize for KHT.

A street property in Ladbroke. You might think the house is derelict, but no, some unlucky people live there. Another flawless entry from KHT.

This quite spectacular security door, if indeed it is worthy of the name, is just one of many. No wonder kids get in and cause mischief in this block - KHT, residents are asking, when will you fix this??

Judging by the slime, algae and moss, this is not the first time this hopper has overflowed. It needs clearing out - so clear it out. KHT yet again.

This damp in a clothes cupboard is just one example of a flat that is riddled with damp because the landlord refuses to clear gutters and downpipes of years of gunk. A child sleeps a few feet away. Congratulations to KHT.

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