Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Spectre of Mass Evictions Looms Over Golborne

The horrible truth is dawning - even before the final decision is made - for residents of 'Phase 1a' at Wornington Green. They have been promised the earth, the moon and the stars. A few - because what they needed just happened to be available - have won the ultimate prize, a newly decorated home nearby, with wads of cash to 'incentivise' their move. They have been ordered not to reveal to their neighbours - and most particularly not to their local Councillors - the details of the offer they have been made, and have been told this is because it is 'special', just for them, no one else will get it. Luckily, they have told us.

A vast majority of the residents, however, will NOT win the ultimate prize. The 'evil twins' pretending to be housing officers who come to the door are well rehearsed in their bullying techniques, insinuating to tenants that as 'the Mayor has signed the planning application' (which is a lie, he signed a letter saying he wouldn't interfere, which is NOT the final stage) if they don't take what is being offered, life will be made very difficult for them. What is being offered includes: a move to Stonebridge; a move to Shepherd's Bush; a move to Harrow Road. You may have noticed that NONE of these are within borough borders, which is what they were promised. Some have indeed been offered decants nearby, but these can be grotty and undecorated basement flats in the worst buildings of the worst areas. Families with grown-up children (anyone over 18) are being told they will have to be split up into two: this is not what they were told and not what they are entitled to. Some residents don't know their rights and are ripe for exploitation; some are tired of the endless lies, others are up for the fight and are simply refusing to move at all.

While we wait for the final decision, the truth is painful: the community is being torn apart, and evictions will happen.


  1. You've worked well beyond the call of duty Emma, and we're all grateful for the massive investment you've made in Wornington Green. Money always, always wins. Your honesty has been abused by pigs, and abuse is exhausting. Take good care of yourself. xxx

  2. Hi, I find it very strange and worrying that while the residents in Wornington Green are being offered homes in Shepherds Bush, residents of Shepherds Bush and Hammersmith may be losing their homes as prime-location council blocks are being sold for private investment. These residents and lease holders are being told "It's to solve overcrowding" too. Apparently new developments are being built but out of the area... None of this should be allowed to happen, it's awful. I've only recently found out this is happening in my area and am worried my home may be next!!

  3. Hello Clare 2, yes you are right to be worried, it's all part of a Tory plot. That might seem far-fetched, but it is. We have seen their policies and they are downright scary. Don't listen to the spin, see what is actually happening.

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